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Aliases: Al
The Mechanic
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Urban Crime (possible cameo)
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Cars Dealing
Family: Amelia (younger sister)
Allies: Amelia
Johnny Gainesville
Enemies: Victor Vega
Vega Gang

Albert is a car repairman, an avid illegal racing fan and competitor. He enjoys competing with Johnny in vehicular races, but Johnny is able to achieve first-place easily by shooting at the competitors' cars with a one-handed firearm until they blow up.


In the beginning of the game, Johnny asks him to check his car, while he takes a toilet break, but a group of gang members pull up and slip grenade under his Sorraia, destroying it. Johnny, feeling that it was Albert's fault, then steals a Laüfer parked at the side, meant as a gift for Albert's sister, Amelia. After a while, he meets Johnny to race, and Albert, being impressed, occasionaly sends him for matches with other competitors, all in return for stealing the Laüfer. Albert in turn helps Johnny in his quest for finding and later protecting his younger brother, Joey.


Albert was at first hostile and smug towards Johnny for stealing his car, but later starts admiring him due to his racing ability, and after they help each other out, they become good friends.

Mission appearances

Miami Vindication


  • A Territory Boss resembling Albert appears in Urban Crime.
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