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Name: Amelia
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Business: Grand Theft Auto
Family: Albert (Older brother)
Allies: Albert
Enemies: Victor Vega
Vega Gang

Amelia is Albert's younger sister and like him, a vehicle fan. She known for stealing many expensive and special vehicles from many infamous and dangerous gangsters and criminals, like Victor Vega, who was the first "victim" of Amelia. She gives several missions to Johnny  and later starts to work with Reginald, after trying to steal his car.

Events of Gangstar

Johnny meets Amelia first when her older brother Albert, who is friends with Johnny, introduces them to each other. Amelia tells him that she wants him to steal some cars for her; she calls it "car-emancipation" from the rich to the poor. Since the Läufer which Johnny stole from Albert at the beginning of the game was supposed to be a gift for Amelia, she knows that he must be pretty good at stealing cars so that she hires him to help her set up some sort of an enterprise with stolen cars. The vehicles that Johnny has to steal for Amelia include a Fat Damsel modded up by Eddie Fallon, a Läufer belonging to Victor Vega, and a Teddy.

In the last of her missions, she sends Johnny to steal a car which happens to belong to Reginald, who knows Johnny. As Johnny enters the car, Reginald notices him and pulls him out of the car before he can drive off. Johnny then calls Amelia, telling her that Reginald is "partial to his truck". Reginald then talks to Amelia on the phone, and they agree to discuss possible cooperation at Albert's garage. Johnny, Reginald, Amelia and Albert meet up at the garage and come up with a plan to rob a bank. They take Reginald's truck, with Johnny as the getaway driver. After they've escaped the cops, Amelia and Reginald have enough money to set up a business together. From that moment on, Amelia's appearance in the game is finished and Johnny has to do jobs for Reginald.


Mission appearances

Miami Vindication
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