Name: Ana
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Allies: Marcelo
The Syndicate
Raul (formerly)
Fumo (formerly)
Enemies: Larissa Santos
"I heard you smacked Jaime good. See? You are a real man!"

Ana is the girlfriend of Raul at the beginning of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. At the end she acts as the main antagonist of the game.


Ana is Raul's girlfriend, and like him she's a member of the Assassinos. The context of their relationship is unknown, except for the fact that Ana is a tough and dominant woman.


Ana doesn't appear to be very nice in the game. She knows that Raul wants to quit his gang and she always tells him that he will get killed if he does.

As Raul tells Ana that they're going to leave Rio, she starts an argument because she doesn't want to leave. As a result of this, she gets out of his car, but it is blown up. Raul survives, but Ana is killed. So, Raul seeks revenge on the murderer.

Later, Raul finds out that Ana is still alive. She and Marcelo had planned to kill Raul by detonating the bomb and they faked Ana's death so that the Syndicate would stop looking for her. It was also Ana who had killed Andreas in a drive-by because they wanted to gain control of the Assassinos.

After he has killed Marcelo and has been elected leader of his gang, Raul goes to look for Ana because she has kidnapped Larissa, intent on killing her. Raul and Fumo manage to rescue Larissa. Raul takes the gun from Ana and gives it to Fumo. While Fumo points the gun at Ana, Raul frees Larissa, who pushes Ana on the ground. Fumo then gives the gun back to Raul, who executes Ana without any mercy.

With Ana and Marcelo gone, Raul can finally take up his responsibility as gang leader, intent on leading the Assassinos into a bright future.


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