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Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Assassinos
Allies: Angel
other Assassinos
Councilman Peralta
Enemies: The Syndicate
the Disciples
Veronica Davo
Jaime Davo
Victor Matos
Gabriel Alvarez
"You're not a drug user, or a pussy, or all messed up with ethics and religion. You're a cold bastard, and every organization needs a person like that."

Andreas is a minor character featured in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


Andreas is a prominent mob boss in Rio de Janeiro. He is the leader of the Assassinos, the gang of Raul. Andreas is a big, fat man with dreadlocks and he lives on a yacht which passed to Marcelo and later to Angel after his death.

Events of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

At the beginning of the game, he gives several missions to Raul. After the death of Ana and Raul's new "look", he also doesn't recognise him and thinks that Raul is dead. Angel has to do jobs like scaring the state prosecuter off or killing police officers.

After Angel has completed a mission for Andreas in which he had to kill several Cops, he takes out his cell phone to tell Andreas that the mission is done. Instead of Andreas, right-hand man, Marcelo, answers on the phone. Marcelo tells Angel that Andreas has just been killed in a drive-by by some Gangsters.

At the end of the game, Angel finds out that Marcelo and Ana, who is in fact still alive, have killed Andreas to gain control of the gang. That's also why they tried to kill Angel with the car bomb. After he has found out, Angel kills Andreas' real murderers.



IMG 0171

Andreas and Angel before a mission

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