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The Ankylosaur is a shielded and armored tank
. It is a tank suitable for two people and very resistant to bullets and explosions, but its speed is slow. It has a built in cannon, capable of moving 360 °, to shoot the targets and destroy them immediately. It is one of the most durable and powerful vehicles of the Gangstar series. It is capable of crushing vehicles if it passes over them. It is found mainly in the Military Ship, guarded by soldiers and also appears if the player gets a level 5 wanted level.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

In this game, you have two options, the first is a tank with green and yellow teeth painted on the front section, linking it to a predator. The second variant of the tank is green.


  • The tank is the name of a prehistoric dinosaur, the Ankylosaurus possibly because it so big and strong that it was based on this dinosaur.
  • It is the strongest vehicle in the Gangstar series, other three are Jackalope, Tenderizer & Ballistae (Seen Crushing Two Police Cars In Gangstar Vegas Second Mission "Busting Through"), Which Are Only Vehicles In Gangstar Series That Can Crush Vehicles.
  • This Is Second Vehicle In Gangstar Rio That Have An Unique Color (Assasinos "A" Livery). After Cackler.
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