Name: Assassinos
Leader: Andreas
Members: Marcelo

The Assassinos, (Pronounced Assassinoosh) are one of the most powerful gangs in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, the others being The Syndicate and the Disciples. The leader of the Assassinos at the beginning is Andreas but after his death, it is unknown who the new boss is until Marcelo takes over. At the end, the leader is Raul.


The game's protagonist, Raul, is also a member of the gang, even though he wants to leave because he wants to concentrate more on his private life with Ana. So, it is not excluded that it could have been a member of the Assassinos who blew up Raul's car.

After his car has been blown up, Raul calls himself Angel and gets back into the gang. After a while, Andreas is murdered in a drive-by and Marcelo places himself on his mentor's position, blaming the Disciples for Andreas's death. He appreciates Angel's gang work though.

After a long period, Angel finds out that Marcelo and Ana, who is still alive in fact, have blown up the car and murdered Andreas. Marcelo holds a war council against Angel, but Angel kills him later on. The Syndicate and the Disciples get together and attack the BoomDance Club (nightclub belonging to the Assassinos), but Angel and Fumo successfully defend it. Thereafter, Angel is elected leader of the gang and can count on his gang's help to track down Ana.

At the end of the game, Angel (who calls himself Raul again) announces that he wants to lead the Assassinos to the top.

The members of the gang are usually dressed in yellow. Other clothes are shorts, a green backpack and a bandana in the face. The main operation area is the Favela Candido but the leader (Andreas), lives on a yacht located in Urca, which is a different district.

Members at the beginning

  • Andreas - Founder/Leader/Overboss (but his life is deceased at the game begins)
  • Marcelo - Second-in-command/Underboss (after Andreas's death, he becomes a leader with Ana, but later on he is killed by Raul/Angel during making speeches at the Sambadrome, near at Gamboa)
  • Raul - Chieftain/Adviser (later becomes a leader at the end)
  • Ana - Captain (after Andreas's death, she becomes a leader with Marcelo, but she was killed by Raul/Angel at the end)
  • Fumo - Lieutenant, (becomes underboss at end)
  • Narco - Lieutenant, chemist, drug dealer (becomes chieftain at end)
  • Unnamed Soldiers
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