Assassinos Airlines Is An Mission In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Given By Fumo To Angel.


Fumo Mentions IA Director Where Angel As Plans To Steal An Seaplane With Full Load Of Drugs As The IA Director Has Arrested By Police, Kill The Drug Runners & Arresting The IA Director As Angel To Collecting The Three Drug Briefcases, Steal Plane & Deliver To Fumo & Mission Ends.



  • The Mission's Name Is Obvious Reference To Real-life U.S-based Airline Company, American Airlines.
Assassinos Airlines
Name: Assassinos Airlines
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Location: Fumo's Safehouse, Favela Candìdo
Target(s): Steal An Cackler With An Drugs
Reward(s): 5,000 Cash
Conditions of mission failure: Angel Dies
Cackler Destroyed
Time Runs Out
Unlocks: Federal Angel
Unlocked by: Sex In The Town
  • Its One Of The Other Gangstar Rio Missions With Fumo's Phrase Says "Brodí".
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