Assault rifle
Name: Assault rifle
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Crime City
Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.
Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Urban Crime
Gangstar City
Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Magazine size: Varies
Weapon type: Assault rifle
Range: Mid-long
Weapon damage: High
Based on: Varies
The assault rifle (known as the AK-47 in Gangstar: Crime City) is a powerful automatic and semi-automatic firearm weapon present in every Gangstar game. It is designed especially for combat situations and has a high rate of fire and fairly good range. Assault rifles are best used in mid-distance firefights and some long-distance scenarios.


Most assault rifles are similar from a gameplay perspective. They all have a high-ammunition capacity and fairly good damage output. All assault rifles are either automatic or semi-automatic, with automatic assault rifles having a higher rate of fire.


Most weapons in the games are based on real-life firearms. Some real-world weapon designs make an appearance in nearly every game. These include:

  • AK-47
  • AR-15/M-16
  • M4A1
  • AUG


  • It is a common misconception: "assault rifles" are their own category of firearm. In reality, "assault rifle" is simply a designation given to any semi-automatic or automatic rifle (or carbine) designed for military or paramilitary use.
  • The assault rifle is arguably the best multi-purpose weapon in every Gangstar game.
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