The Ballistae is a armored police vehicle (SWAT) that appears in gangstar vegas and in Gangstar New Orleans.


Description and info

The Ballistae is a large armored truck based on the Lenco BearCat it is the only armored vehicle you can get it for free (stealing from a cop in 4 stars) or you can buy it for 459,700 credits and 78.000 to spawn, with a decent speed of 143 km/h or 88 mph.


  • Due the fact of being a armored vehicle small caliber firearms cannot damage it. However, the HMGs from various vehicles and explosives are effective.
  • The Ballistae can take damage from collisions.
  • The vehicle features on the second mission of the game, where Jason,Vera and Karen attempts to escape the police. The specific Ballistae has significantly more health than usual.
  • This is Second SWAT Truck Appear In Gangstar Series, First Was Teddy From Urban Crime.
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