Name: Bearer
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: Box Truck
Capacity: 2 people

The Bearer Is A Closed Van Truck Appeared In Gangstar Vegas & Gangstar New Orleans.


The Bearer Is A Box Truck With Rhino Jerky Livery, With Cab Based On Ford F-250 & Chevrolet Express.


  • It Spawns In North Vegas, Strip, Village & Desert Areas.


  • The Bearer Is The Second Box Truck To Appear In Gangstar Series, After Gangstar Rio Version Of Delivery Truck & Third Being Blaze.
  • Like Slicer Sport, Mi'kmaq, & Blaze , The Bearer Has An Hybrid Engine Sound While Being Idling, Starting Up & Reaches The Top Speed.
  • It Appears As An 4-Wheeler Box Truck In Gangstar Vegas, While Appeared As An 6-Wheeler Box Truck In Gangstar New Orleans.
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