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Benny is a major character appearing in Gangstar Vegas. he is former underboss of Veliano Mafia leading by Frank Veliano.

When Jason Malone knocks out Pietro Holston, Jason runs to his car while Frank and Benny chase after and shoots him with their black Mi'kmaq. After Jason is captured and forced to work with Frank, Benny uses Jason as his own pawn as well and ordered Jason to do jobs Frank intended for Benny. Jason takes back one of Frank's Fruitfly-132s containing a USB stick with secret information from the airport that was confiscated by the police. Benny later calls Jason for help with eliminating some local gang members driving away business, taking out a reporter with information about Frank, defending the Greek Phalanx from an attack using an Assault Rifle, and stealing crates from other gangs. While Jason plants some explosives at the Los Huevos' trailer park, Benny retrieves a "package" that he and Jason deliver to Frank, who turns out to be Karen. Once Jason was able to triangulate Karen's location using some stolen military tech, Jason storms the City of Saints Casino along with Vera and E-Man and find Benny pointing a gun at Karen. Benny refuses to obey Jason, resulting in the latter beating him up.

Benny was later arrested, and Jason is persuaded by Karen to rescue him. Jason finds the police convoy being attacked by Frank's goons. Jason rescues him and brings him to his place. Benny tells Jason that he has incriminating photos of Winston Goodman. Jason uses this to Blackmail goodman into exposing Frank. Benny makes his final appearance when he, Karen and Jason are assualting Veliano's henchmen who were supposed to fly his helicopter. Benny tells Jason to carry a Parachute with him before Jason takes off.

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