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Aliases: Roscoe's Girl
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Johnny Gainesville (fiance)
Allies: Johnny Gainesville
Roscoe (formerly)
Joey Gainesville
Enemies: Roscoe
Clive Click
Victor Vega
Herman Kaye
Monique Jones
Roscoe's Cartel
Vega Gang
Roscoe's Gang
"In Miami, a safe is just a box with a lock on it."

Betty is a character in Gangstar series that appears as a main character and the secondary protagonist in Gangstar: Miami Vindication.


Betty is Roscoe's adopted daughter. She is Johnny's direct line to Roscoe. In the past years, it is said that she always had saved Roscoe's butt, and she has gotten sick of it. She finaly decides to punish Roscoe the best way there was: to give him to the cops. Later, Johnny and Betty decide to get married. After Johnny completes all the missions in the game, the player can play as Johnny or Betty.


Mission appearances

Miami Vindication
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