Big Boats and Badasses
Name: Big Boats and Badasses
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Mission Giver: Betty
Location: Betty's place, Downtown Miami
Target(s): Stealing a boat from the Vega Gang
Reward(s): $800
Conditions of mission failure: Death
Destroying the boat
Betty's death
Unlocks: Under the Bridge for Roscoe
Unlocked by: Hearse Heist
Big Boats and Badasses is a mission in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, given by Betty to Johnny Gainesville.


Because the hijacking of the hearse didn't attract the attention of the Hispanic thugs, Betty suggests that they could steal the Gang's drug boat. Johnny and Betty get to the boat. After Johnny has killed some goons who want to stop them, he and Betty take the boat to Roscoe.


(Johnny joins Betty on the terrace of the apartment block where she lives.)

Johnny Gainesville: Any reactions yet?

Betty: Dead silence. But here's the plan. Those thugs have a big ship. We grab it, they follow.

Johnny: What would that do that jacking a dead body didn't?

Betty: It's the boat they use for smuggling their coke... If we're lucky there might be some good stuff on board!

(Johnny and Betty enter Betty's Tawny 40o.)

Betty: Alright, but can we stop by the Bullet Time first? You know... just in case?

(After they've been to the weapon shop, they drive to the pier where the boat is located. As they approach the boat, two members of the Vega Gang suddenly appear.)

Gang member: Hey! That's our boat! What are you doin'!?

(The two Gang members attack Johnny while two other members join them. After Johnny has killed all of them, he goes back to the boat which Betty has been checking in the meantime.)

Johnny: Did you search the boat?

Betty: Port to starboard. Couple of handguns, about $5,000 in cash, and a badly illustrated Kama Sutra...

Johnny: So nothing about the owner of the boat, or a lead to the big Kahuna?

Betty: Nothing. Let's take it to Roscoe; it could be useful. Think you can...?

Johnny: Sure. It's just a monster truck without wheels, right?

(They enter the boat and Johnny drives it to Roscoe's place at the swamp.)

(Roscoe is sitting in his rocking chair in front of his house when Johnny and Betty come towards him.)

Roscoe: Now that's a nice present, Johnny-boy!

Johnny: That's in exchange for a better plan to get some info out of those thugs. They keep dying before we get a chance to talk.

Roscoe: Yeah, I keep forgetting how proficient these newfangled guns are. I'll see what I can do.


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