Name: Blaze
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Vehicle type: 2-door Delivery Truck
Capacity: 2 people

The Blaze Is A Delivery Truck Appeared In Gangstar Vegas.


There Blaze Is A Box Delivery Truck With An Sars Club Livery & Roll-up Doors On Rear. The Cab Is Based On International 4700 Delivery Truck Chassis, With Some Influences From Mercedes-Benz Actros Delivery Trucks.


  • The Vehicle Not seen in a Traffic But instead, Obtained In a Shop.
  • The Vehicle Also As an Traffic Vehicle in a Mission "Charmed, I'm Sure", But Cannot Obtained.


  • This Is Third Delivery Truck To Appear In Gangstar Series, After Delivery Truck From Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. & Bearer.
  • This Is Only Delivery Truck In Game With An Different Back Doors. (Roll-up Doors).
  • Like Bearer, Mi'kmaq, Ballistae, Slicer Sport & Z.U.V., The Blaze Has An Hybrid Engine Sound As The Vehicle When Being Starting Up, Idling & Moving.
  • This Is Only Delivery Truck Appeared In Game With An Different Back Doors (Roll-up Doors).
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