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The BoomDance Club from the outside (entrance)

The BoomDance Club is a nightclub appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


The BoomDance Club lies within the territory of the Assassinos and is also run by the gang. Throughout most of the game, Marcelo is the one taking care of the business in the club and often hangs out there. The first jobs given by him to Angel are also given at the nightclub, but afterwards Angel has to visit Marcelo in his apartment (which is the same apartment Raul was sharing with Ana at the beginning of the game). After Marcelo's death, it is unknown who looks after the club, but since the game ends soon after, it is probably the gang's new leader, which is Angel himself.

The club makes its first appearance in the second mission of the game where Marcelo is holding the man who is believed to be Venancio. Raul joins him in the club and kills the man before Fumo calls him and tells him that the real Venancio is elsewhere; Raul then leaves the club. This is the first and the last time where the player enters the club before the explosion of the car.

Like every nightclub, the BoomDance Club has a bar, a VIP section (where Marcelo is to be found at the beginning) and, of course, a dancefloor where random civilians dance to the music in the club (which is always the same music). As Angel moves up in the gang, he can access the club anytime, even when it's not night, and there are always people dancing, no matter what time it is (which isn't very realistic).


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