Cash flow
Name: Cash flow
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Mission Giver: Andreas
Location: Andreas's yacht, Urca
Target(s): Give money to Councilman Peralta
Reward(s): 100R$
Unlocks: Dead Ringer for Andreas
Unlocked by: Learning the basics

Cash flow is the 2nd mission in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, given by Andreas to protagonist Raul.


Andreas appears from the first time and asks from Raul to take a suitcase with money and give it to Councilman Peralta as an appreciation for a party favor. Raul delivers it to the Councilman at his villa. At that point, he and Peralta start disliking each other.


(Raul is in the inside of Andreas's yacht. Andreas himself is standing in front of him.)

Andreas: Raul. Qualé?

Raul: Andreas. Did you have a good Carnaval?

Andreas: Yeah, man. Still hung over.

Raul: It's a good life. The yacht, the parties, the girls.

Andreas: But there's a price. Time to show Councilman Peralta our appreciation.

Raul: The traditional suitcase full of unmarked bills?

Andreas: That's it. A sign of respect to a powerful man. I usually handle this, but this time, I want you to do it. You should meet him face to face. You should look into his eyes to see what you're going to be dealing with one day.

Raul: Sounds good.

Andreas: Assuming that you're sticking around long enough to ever see him again.

Raul: What do you mean?

Andreas: Forget I said it. See you later.

(Raul gets outside and phones Ana.)

Raul (to Ana): Hey, Ana. I think Andreas knows about me leaving the gang, and he's cool with it.

Ana (on the phone): He knows, you want to quit the Assassinos? Jesus. He's going to kill you, you stupid fuck!

Raul: Look, baby. I have to go. (hangs up.)

(Raul drives to Councilman Peralta's villa to give him the money.)

Councilman Peralta (to Raul): Andreas is too busy, so he sends his little bitch to handle the payoff. So, how do you like the Assassinos? I imagine it's dirty work.

Raul (hands him the suitcase with the money): Compared to what? Being a city councilman on the take? You got your money. Have a nice life, cocksucker.


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