Name: Cerrajo
Appearance(s): Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (flashback)
Gender: Male
Status: Unknown, likely incarcerated
Business: Nuestros Hermanos
Allies: Nuestros Hermanos
Enemies: Southern Kings
El Toro (probably)

Cerrajo is a Mob boss appearing in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.


Cerrajo is the leader of the Gang "Nuestros Hermanos". He first appears shortly after Juan's injury when there is the flashback showing Pedro and Juan in their prison in Mexico. They decide to join one of the gangs in the prison and choose the "Nuestros Hermanos", which is Cerrajo's gang. After they have to beat up some gang members to show how well they fit in the gang, Cerrajo allows them to join the "Hermanos".

He gives them some missions, which mostly are against the "Southern Kings", which is the rival gang. Cerrajo tells Pedro and Juan that they want to escape from the prison with a tool that is used to cut the fence around it. Cerrajo wants Pedro and Juan to steal this tool so that the "Nuestros Hermanos" can escape. He also says that they have a plan to hijack a bank robber's car in Tijuana (Mexico)

After they've stolen the tool to cut the fence, Pedro and Juan make the "Southern Kings" follow them to the area where the "Nuestros Hermanos" hang around. The two gangs start a fight, beating up each other. They attract the attention of the prison guards. One of them comes to them and fires from a gun to make them stop fighting. This is part of the plan, so Pedro runs towards the guard and beats him to death. He takes the gun and kills the two sniper guards on the prison towers. Then he runs towards the fence, followed by Juan, Cerrajo and the "Nuestros Hermanos". This is where the flashback finishes.

Back to present time, Pedro tells L.C. the truth why he and Juan came to Los Angeles. He mentions that the plan about robbing the Bank robbers has failed. A couple of "Hermanos" have been killed, the cops appeared and caught Cerrajo, and the money has gone.

It later turns out that Cerrajo knew El Toro. Shortly before his death, El Toro reveals that the coup which Pedro and Juan pulled under Cerrajo was originally his own plan and that Cerrajo had stolen the idea from him. After finding out that Pedro and Juan were involved in the failed coup, El Toro personally ordered some henchmen to ambush Pedro and Juan while they were driving around with LC, resulting in Juan being fatally shot by one of Toro's men. So, Cerrajo is one of the people indirectly responsible for Juan's death.

Cerrajo only appears in the flashback, so we don't know about his status. He is assumed to be incarcerated in the same prison in Mexico that he had escaped from.

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