Chaw Come Back Now
Name: Chaw Come Back Now
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Mission Giver: Betty
Target(s): Taking a "Chaw" drug from Vega Gang, for Roscoe.
Conditions of mission failure: Death
Unlocks: Swamp Boogie for Roscoe
Unlocked by: Miami Bound

Chaw Come Back Now is a mission in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, given by Betty to Johnny Gainesville.


Johnny meets Betty, who tells him that if he wants to meet Roscoe, he needs to bring him some "chaw". Johnny goes to Little Havana where three Latin gangsters from the Vega Gang have some of the "chaw" in their pockets and attack him, but Johnny kills them and takes the drug, going to Betty, who tells him to meet Roscoe at the swamp.


Betty: So you're the guy from the Panhandle looking for his little brother?

Johnny Gainesville: And you're my direct line to Roscoe?

Betty: I am.

Johnny: Well, missy, get me to him.

Betty: It's not that easy. He's old, half crazy, and mean. And he'll be wanting a gift.

Johnny: Why? Is it his birthday?

Betty: No, but bring one anyway. Trust me. It'll go better that way.

Johnny: A shotgun and a good hunting dog?

Betty: An old bag of chaw will do. Something that tastes like dirt.

(Johnny goes to the chaw shop in Little Havana. Suddenly, there are a drug lieutenant from the [[Vega Gang]] and his two followers coming towards him. One of the followers has got a baseball bat.)

Drug lieutenant: Mira, John Wayne. You lookin' for the rodeo?

Johnny: Just here to pick up some chaw. That okay with you, senor?

Drug lieutenant: Oh yeah, it's okay. Try some of mine.

(The follower hands his baseball bat to the Drug lieutenant who attacks Johnny. Johnny beats the Drug lieutenant to death and uses the bat to kill the followers. Then he takes the chaw from the Drug lieutenant's pocket and brings it back to Betty.)

Johnny: Got the old man's candy. We're good to go.

Betty: What are you driving?

Johnny: Something I found in the woods.

Betty: (Shows Johnny a [[Sanchez]] standing behind her.) You're headed for the swamp. I've got something that'll make it a lot easier. (after a short break) I'll be meeting you there.


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