The Chotto is a 4-door hatchback featured in Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans.


The Chotto is a 4-door hatchback. In comparison to other civilian cars, the Chotto is pretty small, but still being far away from the size of a Japanese Kei car, yet it has a modern and sporty design seeming to be designated to younger drivers. The hood is rather short, but it seems to have a large trunk for a city vehicle. All in one, this regular car could probably be seen in every-day traffic.

The Chotto shares some design elements with the Chevrolet Spark while still being mostly being based on a Honda Fit.


In comparison to other vehicles in its price class, it provides a great acceleration of only 4.25 s in 0-100. It handles pretty well and gets around corners easily. For a city vehicle, it reaches an unusually high top speed of 189 km/h (117mph).

The maximum health is pretty much in the average.


  • The car often is found outside of wealthier areas, usually spawning outside of the city, low density areas, close to the paramount and in the industrial area, either parked or driven by civilians.
  • Can be purchased from the in-game shop.


  • License plate reads "MUNN282"
  • The Chotto shares its engine sound with the Crapo, though the Crapo's engine is able to rev higher than the Chotto's which can easily be heard.
  • The default radio station is Dub Factory 92.2.
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