City of Saints is a casino/hotel resort appearing in Gangstar Vegas as the main antagonist Frank Veliano's homebase.


City of Saints is a casino/hotel resort; it contains a pool and helipad on the rooftop, slot machines, casino counters, and an emergency exit, and serves as Frank Veliano's homebase.


Gangstar Vegas

It is where Karen Olsen was being held hostage at after abduction. The casino is also featured in the mission "Get the Girl".


  • This location's name is a reference to the previous game in the series, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints (its name is inspired by said game's subtitle). Also, coincidentally, Gangstar Vegas was released two years after Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints (which was released in 2011).
    • At (probably) the Gangstar Vegas "minisite" (probably at Gameloft's official website), its name is given as Casino Rio.
  • This is the only location in Gangstar Vegas with a rooftop pool and a helipad/heliport.
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