Clive Klick
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Name: Clive Otis Klick III
Aliases: Clive Otis Klick III
Mr. Klick
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Mafia Boss
Drugs Dealing
Family: Clive Otis Click I (grandfather)
Clive Otis Click II (father)
Allies: Roscoe
Klick Mafia
Enemies: Johnny Gainesville
Joey Gainesville
"Look, I can't be sure 'bout anythin'. I wasn't there, right? But if I were you, that's where I'd look first."
―Clive Otis Click III

Clive Otis Klick III was a character in Gangstar series who appears as major character and the main antagonist of Gangstar: Miami Vindication. Clive Klick is Johnny's boss and the leader of a powerful gang. Klick also dealing with drugs as his main buisness.


Early Life

Klick was born in Texas, to a family of farmers, who were also powerful mob bosses. When he was young, his family moved to Florida, and he met Johnny, and became friends with him. Finaly Klick became the leader of the Klick Mafia, with Johnny as his lieutenant.

Klick also met and started business with Roscoe, a gang leader in Miami.

Miami Vindication

When Johnny's younger brother was kidnapped, Klick sent Johnny to meet Roscoe, who can "help", and wishing Johnny luck.

Unbeknownst to Johnny, Clive was the one behind the kidnapping. With the help of Roscoe, and later Victor Vega. L.C. finds out that Clive was the man that Johnny was looking for. Johnny start to finds out where is Clive's hideout, including killing Tammy, an old friend of Clive and Johnny's replacement.

After the arrest of Roscoe and the death of Victor Vega, Clive tried to flee to the airport, but was hunted down and killed by Johnny.

Mission appearances

Miami Vindication


  • Clive Klick is similar and could be based on Sonny Forelli, the main antagonist of GTA: Vice City:
    • Both Clive and Forelli are crimelords that rule over Miami (Vice City in GTA).
    • They were childhood friends with the protagonists.
    • They both betray the protagonists, unknown to the latter.
    • They both appearing only in the first and the last missions.
    • They both were killed in a big battle, after the protagonist killed any other antagonists.
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