Coast Guard
Name: Coast Guard
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Vehicle type: Coast Guard Boat
Capacity: 1 people

Coast Guard is a coast guard boat found in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. It is the police's mode of water transportation and contains a minigun


  • Seen Spawns In a Water When Player Reaches Any Wanted Level.
  • Can't Purchased In a Shop For 45,000 Cash.


  • This Is Sixth Weaponized Vehicle In Gangstar Rio, First Being Jackalope & Second Being Abominator Third Being Bustard, Fourth Being DICS Van, & Fifth Being Damocles (Also Known As Police Chopper).
  • This Also Fourth Vehicle In Gangstar Rio With Minigun, First Was Abominator, Second Was DICS Van & Third Being Police Chopper.
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