The Copacabana Safehouse is an Raul's safehouse Appeared in two-dimensional (2D) & three-dimensional (3D) versions of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


The Design is an Condominium Safehouse Being Very Luxerious, it comes with an dining room, television, living room, comfort room (CR), bedroom & storage room (where can weapons & clothes store here). including the parking lot which capacity for three cars.


The Location Is Located in Copacabana in beachside road & next to ammunation store.


The Copacabana Safehouse is First Appearence in a Intro Storyline Mission Of the game. Where Raul meets Ana In a Safehouse as became to welcome in Rio de Janiero, later, His cellphone gives an phone call to Andreas are decides to go in a yacht in Urca.


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