Councilman Peralta
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Name: Councilman Peralta
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Politics
Allies: Andreas
many politicians
Enemies: Angel
Jessica Medeiros
Governor Branco
Councilman Peralta is a politician and a minor antagonist appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints who also does business with Andreas.


The most important fact about Councilman Peralta is that he is running for Governor of Rio de Janeiro, trying to replace the current Governor Branco (Jessica Medeiros's boss). In order not to endanger his popularity, he hides his pornography collection in his private plane as well as he secretly organises carnaval parties for people like Andreas, the leader of the Assassinos. Throughout the game, even after his downfall, there is an announcement on the radio criticising Branco and encouraging people to vote for Peralta.

Events of Gangstar Rio

Peralta makes his first appearance in the first mission when Andreas asks Raul to deliver some money to the Councilman as a sign of appreciation because of the carnaval business. As Raul delivers the cash, he and Peralta act disapprovingly towards each other, and it is obvious that the two will be enemies within the game.

After that, Peralta isn't mentioned for a while until Raul (now Angel) meets Jessica Medeiros, who offers him to do some jobs for her in exchange of money. Since Angel hates Peralta, he agrees to do anything to help Medeiros's boss, Governor Branco, be re-elected against Peralta. Medeiros's missions include stealing Peralta's private airplane containing his pornography collection or interrupting a speech at the refinery by blowing it up and making Peralta run away. But each of these actions doesn't damage Peralta at all. He even gains more popularity since he still manages to hide his scandals.

However, after some time, Pilar shows Angel and Fumo some pictures showing her lover, Vilanova, cheating on her with four other girls. Angel also recognizes the Peralta on these pictures, who is present on them for an unknown reason (it was taken probably in a brothel). After having murdered Vilanova and his girls for Pilar, Angel takes the pictures of Peralta to Medeiros, who has them published immediately. Thereafter, Governor Branco is re-elected with a large majority, while all the Councilman can do is abandon his career as a politician.


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