The Coupe V8 Is A Sports Car Appear In Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.


It's based on the Honda Integra (DC2) at the front end mixed with Tail-lights shapes from the Acura Legend Coupe (Second Generation)


Colours:It came commonly In Red or The DLC Shell White Paintjobs


It can reach top speed of 190 Mph/230 Kph The Car itself kinda falls short on the Läufer, With Good Handling.


  • The Car also came in Shell Gas Station Company White Livery, Which is a DLC.
  • The Vehicle Is Actually An V8 Engine As Hence The Name.
Screenshot 2020-04-04-20-17-18
  • Front End of the Coupe V8 (Note the White Homm in the background.)
  • The Coupe V8 & Galloppino Are The Only Vehicles Produced By Schnellzahn, That Is Not Based On Porsche Models.
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