The DICS Stands For (Drug Interdictional Counternacoutics Squad), Is An Fictional Police/SWAT Emergency Team & Company In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


  • DICS Cap
  • DICS Vest
  • DICS Pants


  • The DICS Is May Been Based On Real-life G4S (Group 4 Securicor), Which Both Are Security & SWAT Company, & Both Operating Their Own Security Van.
  • The Unnamed DICS Teams Had Mostly Appeared In Many Storyline & Side Missions, They Are Antagonists In Game.


The DICS Is An SWAT Team & Company With Its Own Headquarters Named "DICS Building", Located Next To Subprime Bank & Front Of An Cathedral In Gamboa. Which Known Operates Their Vehicles Is DICS Van & Police Patrol, Their DICS Teams Seen Appeared In Many Storyline & Side Missions.

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