Police Chopper (Gangstar Rio & New Orleans)
Name: Damocles
Police Chopper (Gangstar Rio & New Orleans)
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: Police Helicopter
Capacity: 4 people

The Damocles Also Known As Police Chopper (in Gangstar Rio & New Orleans). Is an Police Helicopter version of Fruitfly-132. Appears in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Gangstar Vegas & Gangstar: New Orleans.


The Damocles Is an Police Helicopter Of Civilian Counterpart, Fruitfly-132 With An Machine Gun In Under Of The Helicopter. Coincidentally, Both are Based On Bell 206.


  • The Police Helicopter Spawns in a Helipad Of Sugarloaf Mountain during The Mission "Hot Cocoa" This Vehicle Can Obtained After The Mission
  • Seen Spawns In a Helipad Of an Copacabana Hospital in a Mission "Get To Da Choppah" Uses As Player To Destroyed 3 Satellite Dishes & Can Obtained After Completing The Mission.
  • In Gangstar Vegas, Seen Flying When Player Reaches an 4-star Wanted Level.
  • In Gangstar New Orleans, Seen Spawns In a Mission Uses as an Getaway Vehicle For Rescuing The Prisoner.
  • Can't Purchased in a Shop In 3 Games. (Use For 1,650,000 Million).


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