The Delivery is one of the many cars available in Gangstar: Miami Vindication and Urban Crime. It is one of the few vehicles that can be obtained at Level 1, and has a reasonable speed for it's level.


The Delivery has a fancy red and yellow paintjob, and looks very similar to a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt. It has four doors and is supposed to be a delivery vehicle for Greasy Burgers, a fast food shop which can be heard advertising on the radio. The most noticeable part of the car is a large metallic hamburger and french fries model on the roof of the car.

This is a car that players will be exposed to at the very start of the game, and so will likely be seen many times. It has an average speed, and is quite reasonable at full health, considering it's availability and accessibility. It has a health of 680 which can easily be reduced if shot at several times. The Delivery can be found almost everywhere at night or day, so is easily found. It has quite good control, and doesn't spin easily.

Players will earn the achievement Smells Like Chicken after jacking it for the first time in Urban Crime.[1]


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