Name: Dementor
Appearance(s): Gangstar New Orleans
Vehicle type: 2-door muscle car
Capacity: 2
The Dementor is a drivable muscle car appeared in Gangstar: New Orleans. Unlike most cars in the game, it cannot naturally spawn unoccupied or with an NPC driver. Instead, the Dementor can only be driven by the player and will only appear in the game at the player's request.


Closely resembling a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T and a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, the Dementor is a quintessential American muscle car. Likely the result of years of neglect, the vehicle‘s doors, hood, and trunk are severely rusted. The backseat side window appears to be cracked as well.


Despite its run-down appearance, the Dementor is a fairly fast vehicle. It has fairly good acceleration and handling, making it a good-early game getaway car.


The Dementor will not naturally spawn unless called for by the player. It can be called for anywhere on the map and will appear in the closest available parking space.


  • The Dementor, Whiptail 426, and Kiger SS are all on Chevrolet muscle cars.
  • The Dementor is the fourth muscle car in the Gangstar series, after the Sorraia, Whiptail 426 and the Kiger SS.
  • The vehicle's name is likely a reference to "dementors", soul-sucking demons in the Harry Potter book series.
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