Name: Disciples
Leader: Victor Matos
Members: Orlan

Disciples is a gang of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, this gang is rival gang of the Syndicates and the Assassinos. The gang leader is Victor. This gang is located in a house near the sea, the Marcelo or Raul house and the Yacht of Andreas. The back of a house has land that is property of the Disciples.

Disciples in City of Saints

The Disciples don't have many appearences in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints; they appear in their house, attacking people that enter. They only appear in a mission where they were attacking Councilman Peralta.

They reside in a house and near the jungle. They are hostile if you enter their territory.
Disciples land

The Disciples' Territory

Gangster rio disciples

A Disciples member during a shootout

Members of the Disciples


  • Victor Matos - Founder/Leader/Overboss
  • Orlan - Underboss
  • Fulo - Chieftain/Adviser
  • Paco - Captain
  • Unnamed Lieutenant

Fulo, Orlan or Paco


This Disciple member wears blue shorts, a blue shirt with 2 stripes and a blue suitcase. He only appears in the mission Sex Drive. He can be seen in the Disiples house, in the Disciple's barracks and near the Jesus statue.

Unnamed Lieutenant


This Disciple member wears a blue bonnet, a black vest and blue pants. They only appear in the Disciples house and in some missions to kill Disciples.


- The Disciples made a truce with the Syndicate, and they team up to attack the Boom Dance Club

- The Disciples seem to deal drugs with the Syndicate, as you can hijack a drug deal as a side mission

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