Dust Bust Discussed Is An Mission In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Given By Fumo To Angel.


Fumo As Decided To Angel To Deliver The Drugs To Gabriel Alvarez From Narco, As Narco Waits In A Highway With His White Van (Box ES) As Reached To Lakeside House In Flamengo. As Two Dipsicles's Car Arrived And Rides With Its Own Boat And Until Narco Dies In A Boat As Been Shooted By Unknown Dipsicles Gang Member And Angel Drives The Boat & The Narco's Drugs Delivered To Gabriel Alvarez As Tells To Angel As Narco Been Died In His Own Boat.



  • Name: Dust Bust Discussed
  • Mission Type: Jobs
  • Mission Giver: Fumo
  • First Location: Fumo's Safehouse
  • End Location: Urca (In A Beach)


  • This Is Last Mission Appearance Of Narco As Dies In a Boat Shooting.
  • This Is First Appearance Of Gabriel Alvarez.
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