"That's right! Eff him in the A!!"
―Eric "E-Man"
20200625 180631
Name: Eric
Aliases: E-Man
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas Gangstar New Orleans
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Drug Dealer
Street Race Promoter
Soldier(formerly, though it is unclear)
Allies: Jason Malone
Karen Olsen
Vera Montello
Racer Girl
Gangstar New Orleans Protagonist
Alain Boudreaux
Bradford Miles
Marie Nouveau
Enemies: Frank Veliano
Winston Goodman
Rival Vendor
Little Joe

E-Man is a major character appearing in Gangstar Vegas and often acts as a "sidekick" to protagonist Jason Malone, during missions.


E-Man's real name is Eric. Except for that, nothing is known about his origins. In the game, he is seen to have a somewhat cowardly, but sarcastic and friendly attitude. He is additionally working for the Montello's as a friend of Vera Montello and Karen Olsen. It is unknown when and how their friendship started, but it certainly was before the events of the game.

E-Man has a habit of using historical and fantasy terms to describe people and things, such as addressing Vera as "The Empress", a skater who stole his drugs as a "Dragon", Johnny's era as "The Roman Empire", et cetera.

Other than that, E-Man's main business is producing and selling drugs (presumably, he might also consume or test them himself, as he is seen hallucinating at his first appearance and also because he is usually in a perpetually inebriated and "high" state and isn't the most stable person to be around...)and doing pimp services (as a prostitute caretaker, for the Montello family). E-Man is the finest supplier in Vegas and also one of the most connected criminals. However, he's got the resources, connections and enough chemical drugs to put half of Vegas asleep, if needed.

E-man does, however, hint to Jason during the second mission of chapter three that he was possibly in the army at one point as he remarks 'if the berets see my face, we might get caught up reminiscing, and so...'. He also states that 'we all have our starts somewhere'.

He later moves to New Orleans, in the intention of some self-reccovery and rehabilitation. However, he quickly falls back into his old ways. After aligning himself with some 'not-so-friendly' people, his debts start piling up. To top things off, he is on a mission of his own. However, his ultimate goal is to create the most incredible and insane synthetic drug in the world.

Events of Gangstar Vegas

E-Man makes his first appearance, close to the beginning of the game and in the mission, Runner on the Run, where he asks Jason to beat up a young street husler who has apparently stolen the drugs, which he had prepared. He also persuades Jason to participate in a street race organized by Racer Girl, clearly indicating that he has interests in promoting Street raced, as well. From that mission on, races are available as side missions.

At the beginning of the game, E-Man doesn't play a big role. Only after Frank Veliano has captured Karen, to blackmail Vera, E-Man becomes significant. He tells Jason about communication tools that can be used to detect a phone's position. Jason steals these radio-designed tools from the Army Base, outside Vegas and later plants them around town in a triangular formation, in order to be able to detect Karen's location. After they find out that she is being held at Frank's casino, Jason, E-Man and Vera Montello attack the building, and after Karen has been released, they escape in a mob car, driven by Vera who is wounded by a gunshot and later scarifices her life, at her own choice. E-Man is completely anxious during the whole ride. After Vera's suicide, E-Man, who desperately, escapes on a boat along with Karen and Jason.

E-Man also helps Karen and Jason capture Winston Goodman and forcibly turn him against Frank. After this, he doesn't appear anymore in the game, which means that he also doesn't participate in the last mission, where Jason defeats Veliano.

In the second story, E-Man and Jason are seen investigating about his delivery boys' ddenly disappearance.

Events of Gangstar: New Orleans

Sometime between the events of Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar: New Orleans, Eric moved to New Orleans. Although he intended to leave his life of crime in the City of Sin, Eric relapsed after only a short time and returned to his illicit illegal activities. At some point in the months leading up to Mardi Gras of 2017, he incurred a massive amount of debt and was forced to work it off, essentially serving as an indentured servant to Yuri the Red, a street-gang leader. Early on in the game, the player frees Eric by killing Yuri and his thugs. As a show of gratitude, Eric agrees to work for Alain Boudreaux and the player, from there on out. He serves as the gang‘s primary narcotics manufacturer for the remainder of the campaign and tasks the player with going on several missions to recruit new "cook", buy supplies, and thin out the competition.

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