"That's right! Eff him in the A!!"
―Eric "E-Man"
Name: Eric
Aliases: E-Man
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas Gangstar New Orleans
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Drug dealing
Street races


Allies: Jason Malone
Karen Olsen
Vera Montello
Racer Girl
Enemies: Frank Veliano
Winston Goodman
Rival Vendor

E-Man is a major character appearing in Gangstar Vegas who often acts as a "sidekick" to protagonist Jason Malone during missions.


E-Man's real name is Eric. Except for that, nothing is known about his origins. He is a friend of Vera Montello and Karen Olsen. It is unknown when their friendship started, but it certainly was before the events of the game. Other than that, E-Man's main business is producing and selling drugs (he also consumes them, as he hallucinates at his first appearance). E-man does, however, hint to Jason during the second mission of chapter three that he was possibly in the army at one point as he remarks 'if the berets see my face, we might get caught up reminiscing, and so...'. He also states that 'we all have our starts somewhere'.

Events of Gangstar Vegas

E-Man makes his first appearance close to the beginning of the game where he asks Jason to beat up a man who has stolen the drugs which he invented. He also persuades Jason to participate in a race organized by Racer Girl. From that mission on, races are available as side missions.

At the beginning of the game, E-Man doesn't play a big role. Only after Frank Veliano has captured Karen to blackmail Vera, E-Man becomes significant. He tells Jason about communication tools which can be used to detect a phone's position. Jason steals these tools at the Army Base outside Vegas and later plants them around town in a triangle in order to be able to detect Karen's location. After they found out that she is being held at Frank's casino, Jason, E-Man and Vera Montello attack the building, and after Karen has been released, they escape in a mob car driven by Vera who is hit during the chase. E-Man is completely anxious during the whole ride. After Vera's suicide, E-Man, who is desperate, escapes on a boat along with Karen and Jason.

E-Man also helps Karen and Jason capture Winston Goodman and make him turn against Frank. After this, he doesn't appear anymore in the game, which means that he also doesn't participate in the last mission where Jason defeats Veliano.

On the second story, E-Man and Jason are investigating about his delivery boys suddenly disappear.

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