El Toro
Name: El Toro
Aliases: Toro
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Los Matadores
Allies: Pedro (formerly)
Juan (formerly)
James Woolsey
Cerrajo (formerly)
Los Matadores
Enemies: Los Locos Muertos
"Drop those guys like flies!"
―El Toro

El Toro ("The Bull" in spanish) is a mob boss and who appears as an ally, and later as a central antagonist in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. He is the leader of the "Matadores", the gang where L.C. is working.


Pedro and Juan meet Toro first when L.C. wants them to steal a sports car for him from the "Locos Muertos". El Toro appreciates their gift and gives them jobs to do for him, which mostly include killing some "Locos Muertos".

In one mission, Pedro, Juan, El Toro and L.C. drive to a club where the "Locos Muertos" are hanging around. A battle between them begins. El Toro is shot down. L.C. tells Pedro and Juan to escape and that he will take care of his boss. Pedro and Juan drive to Latisha and they don't hear from El Toro for a very long time.

After Pedro has done some jobs for James Woolsey, the senator tells him that he wants Pedro to kill one of his rivals in politics. Woolsey also says that Pedro has to meet one of his men who will equip him with the necessary weapons. Pedro goes to the meet. This turns out to be a trap, as Pedro is greeted by El Toro, who recovered from the bullet wound, with some of his men. He tells Pedro that the bank heist gone wrong which Pedro and Juan pulled with Cerrajo in Mexico was originally his plan. Finally, Toro reveals that he wanted revenge on Pedro and Juan for the failed coup and personally ordered the ambush which resulted in Juan's death. Surprisingly, El Toro shows some remorse, apologizing to Pedro for having had to kill Juan, as he liked him. He then apologizes for now having to kill Pedro as well. A gunfight ensues, during which Pedro eventually kills El Toro and all of his men before leaving the scene to go after Woolsey, who had led him into the trap.

It is unclear how El Toro and Senator Woolsey came to work together, as neither ever reveal anything before being killed, respectively. It is also unknown who succeeds Toro as gang leader after he is killed. It is possible that L.C. or Pedro took over.

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