Name: Elenita
Aliases: Passion
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Business: Stripping
Allies: Pedro
James Woolsey

Elenita is a stripper appearing in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. She is a friend of both Pedro and antagonist James Woolsey.


Pedro meets Elenita when Paulie tells him where the murderer of Juan is supposed to be. He drives downtown and rescues Elenita from some guys who want to rape her. She is very grateful and gives him some missions.

As Pedro learns that Elenita has a good friend who is a politician, he wants to meet him because he thinks that maybe he could know something. After he has completed some missions for her, Elenita finally introduces him to James Woolsey.

Later, after Pedro has survived Woolsey's trap and killed his former ally El Toro, he phones Elenita and asks her furiously where Woolsey is. He suspects her to have known about Woolsey's ambush. After she has told him where the senator is at the moment, he switches his phone off and goes to kill Woolsey. After that, Elenita isn't mentioned anymore because the next mission is the last one.

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