Escort service
Name: Escort service
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Mission Giver: Larissa
Location: Larissa's house, Gamboa
Target(s): Rescuing Pilar from harrassers
Reward(s): 1000R$
Conditions of mission failure: Angel's death
Pilar's death
Unlocks: Dusk of the dead for Narco (job)
Funky Junkie for Larissa (story)
Unlocked by: Junk in the trunk

Escort service is the 3rd job mission in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, given by Larissa to Angel.


Larissa tells Angel that a friend of hers called Pilar (a stripper like Larissa herself) has a job for him. Since Angel needs some extra money, he and Larissa drive to the Strip Club where they are supposed to meet Pilar. They see that Pilar is being harrassed and beated by two Gangsters. Angel takes them out, but then a car appears with two other Gangsters who attack Angel for beating their friends, but he takes them out as well. Pilar tells Angel that she is seducing a film producer who is looking for a stunt driver, which might be a job for Angel. Angel accepts.


(Angel has just arrived at Larissa's place.)

Angel (to Larissa): Hey, I got your text.

Larissa Santos: My friend, Pilar, works at Le Ball Cat with me. She says she has a job for you.

Angel: Porra! I could use some extra cash.

(Angel and Larissa enter Larissa's car and drive to the Strip Club.)

(As they arrive at the club, they see Pilar being approached by two gangsters. The first on them is clearly drunk or high on drugs. The second one looks like a roughneck.)

Gangster 1 (to Pilar): What's up, puta? (short break) Hey, gatinha. Let's see those tits.

Gangster 2: Give me your purse or I put another hole in your face. (he begins beating Pilar.)

(Angel intercepts and takes the Gangsters out.)

(Suddenly, a white van appears with two other gangsters coming out.)

Gangster 3 (to Angel): You made a bad move messin' with us!

(After Angel has beaten them up as well, he is standing next to Larissa. Pilar is coming towards him.)

Larissa: Thanks.

Pilar (to Angel): You must be Angel.

Larissa: So what's this job you were talking about?

Pilar: I'm f**king this producer at Bunda Mundo, the TV network, and he's looking for a stunt driver, so I thought of your friend Angel.

Angel (amused): Sinistro. Always wanted to be on TV.

Pilar: Yep! The producer will get in touch with you.

Larissa: Thanks, Pilar. That's really sweet. I'll catch up. (Pilar leaves.)

Angel (to Larissa): I keep thinking you're trying to burn me.

Larissa: You can trust me.


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