The Eunomia is a 4-door law enforcement sedan featured in Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans. Its The Police Version Of Taxi & W5-GSTR (GV) & Kearsarge LS (GNO).

It's acceleration and top speed are very good for it's class, it has better performance than it's civilian counterparts (the Taxi and W5-GSTR).

It spawn everywhere in Vegas and spawn also when the player gain wanted level.

It Costs 165 Diamonds In Shop.


  • In Gangstar Vegas it's based on the W5-GSTR while in New Orleans it's based on the Kearsarge LS.
  • License plate read "LVPD" (in GV).
  • The new model have a different "Police" font on the sides and doesn't feature the steelies rims anymore, the lightbar is just blue and red, while the older model have a blue-white-red-red-white-blue pattern lightbar instead.
  • The Eunomia in GNO is operated by the New Orleans Police Departement.
  • The Eunomia in GV is operated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departement.
  • It's unknown why Gameloft decided to re-use the Eunomia name on a Kearsarge LS based police cruiser instead of re-using the W5-GSTR based one.

Eunomia in Gangstar New Orleans (front)

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