Frank Veliano
Name: Frank Veliano
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Veliano Mafia
City of Saints Casino
Allies: Johnny Montello (formerly)
Benny (formerly)
Winston Goodman
Mick Valente
Enemies: Jason Malone
Johnny Montello
Vera Montello
Karen Olsen
"Here's a hard fact o' life, kid... You can't win 'em all. At the end of the day - it's about survival!"
―Frank Veliano to Jason Malone


Frank Veliano is the mob boss and the main antagonist of Gangstar Vegas. As the head of the Montello Mafia, owner of the City of Saints Casino and most of Las Vegas' businesses, Frank Veliano is indeed the most powerful man in the whole city. Frank has a hot temper and rarely tolerates the mistakes made by those underneath him, which is evident from how Benny was afraid to disobey Frank's orders, even though he knew, his chances were pretty slim, against the Montellos, in the mission, "Get the Girl".

What is known about Frank's background is that he is of Italian ancestry and that he and Vera Montello have a complicated history.

Frank started out as a common thief, before joining the Montello Mafia Family, led by Vera's husband, Johnny Montello and working for the Montello's as a lead henchman. One night, however, Johnny was severely injured, but Frank was too drunk and ignorant to drive him to the hospital, resulting in the kingpin's death. After the latter's death, which was addressed as Frank's fault, he was ousted from the Montello mob and he split from them, forming his own criminal organization, by the name of "Veliano Family", and started taking down the Montellos, to rise to the top, as the most powerful mafia.

Soon, the Veliano family became the most powerful and influential criminal organization in Las Vegas. Later in to the game, it is revealed that he was also responsible for the murder of Karen Olsen's father, who was a high-ranked cop, shot down by Veliano himself, at some point in his past.

Subsequently, through the added power of bribery, coercion, and threats, Frank controlled most of the businesses in Vegas, along with it's municipal government and a portion of the LVPD. He also has a close connection with the mayoral candidate and his campaign, Reverend Winston Goodman, whom he endorses to become the next Mayor of Las Vegas, arranged the killing of Karen Olsen' father, for wanting to reveal the LVPD' corruption, and nurtured Jason Malone as an MMA fighter.

The one thing Frank could not size control of, was Vegas' media business, and this weakness is later used by Jason, after he sabotages Frank' mansion. But Frank remained powerful and almost untouchable, even till the very end of the story, that is untill Jason blackmails Winston Goodman to give the FBI, information/evidence regarding Frank's criminal activities and records, in Las Vegas.

Events of Gangstar Vegas

Shortly after Jason has arrived in Vegas, Frank turns to him and wants Jason to follow his lead. So he puts money on Jason before the boxing match against Pietro Holston and wants him to down in Round 4. However, unbeknowst to Frank, Pietro has been bribed by the Montellos to go down in Round 3. After Pietro goes down before Jason can, Frank sends his henchmen after the fleeing Jason, who is finally saved by Vera Montello's accountant Karen. After this, Jason works for Montello and does some jobs against Frank in order to damage him.

However, after some time, Frank, his right-hand man Benny and a couple of henchmen attack Vera's strip club, where Vera is hanging around with Jason and Karen. Jason is eventually captured by Veliano, who forces the protagonist to work for him. He knows that Jason didn't mean to knock Pietro out, but he says that all that matters to him is that Pietro went down at all. Eventually, Jason is tricked into helping Benny kidnap Karen for Frank, who then tells Jason to tell Vera that Karen will die if Vera doesn't hand herself over to Frank.

Jason then starts working against Frank again. He finds out that Karen is held at Frank's casino, and so he goes there along with Vera and E-Man to free Karen. They find her being held hostage by Benny, and they try to persuade him to let her go. Benny refuses, and so Jason beats him up so Frank will not punish him for obeying Jason. Vera, E-Man, Karen and Jason steal a mob car and drive off. Frank's henchmen follow them. At some point, Vera is shot and drops the others off at the pier where a boat is waiting and then drives the car into a petrol tank, killing herself along with the following mobsters.

Frank is now a primary target for Jason and Karen after she has also found out that Frank killed her father. Jason causes some mayhem at Frank's place. After saving Benny, Jason blackmails Winston Goodman into exposing Frank's dirty actions via the press (that Frank has no control of) after beating him up.

Frank then wants to leave Vegas with his money since he is basically ruined. He goes on the helipad of the Wrecking Ball tower where a helicopter, coming from his casino, is supposed to pick him up. Jason steals the helicopter from Frank's henchmen and arrives at the Wrecking Ball helipad instead, where he confronts Frank. The two have a fist fight, but eventually, Frank managed to seize his gun and shoot at Jason, who takes cover behind the parked helicopter. The fuel tank of the chopper was shot, causing kerosene to leak. Frank tells Jason that Vegas will always be his and that "the house always wins". However, Jason burns him with the cigarrete lighter when it ignites the flammable liquid. He tries to push Jason off the helipad with the cart containing his money, but fails, and Jason escapes. Veliano then falls to his death.

Veliano's body lands on the sculpture in front of the tower's entrance. While Jason parachutes into Karen's car, applauding pedestrians look and cheer at Frank's burning corpse, thinking that it was a special effect for entertainment.


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