Name: Fumo
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Assassinos
Allies: Raul
Marcelo (formerly)
Ana (formerly)
Enemies: The Syndicate
The Disciples

Fumo is a character appearing as a secondary protagonist in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. He is Raul's best friend and works for the Assassinos. He was voiced by Luis Guzmán.


Fumo first appears when Raul is asked by Andreas to kill a man from the Syndicate. After having killed a pretender at Marcelo's club, Raul meets Fumo at the beach to kill the Syndicate man.

After the explosion of the car bomb, Fumo appears regularly to give Raul some jobs, even though he doesn't recognise him. It is also Fumo who introduces Raul (Angel) to Narco and to Vilanova.

After Narco's death caused by a gunshot wound coming from the Disciples, Angel and Fumo collaborate intensively in many things (including the murder of Vilanova assigned by Pilar). When Angel has found out about Marcelo and Ana being traitors, he gets a video tape proof and gives it to Fumo, who says he "fucking know it" and spreads it all around the whole gang, causing most of the members to hate Marcelo. Marcelo however holds a war council to turn the members against Angel, but while he makes his speech he is killed by Angel himself along with his followers. Shortly after holding back an assault from the other two gangs, Fumo announces that the gang members want Angel as their new leader, which Angel accepts.

In the last mission, which follows soon after Fumo helps Raul to rescue Larissa, who has been kidnapped by Ana. Then he waits for Raul to free Larissa and then gives him Ana's gun. Ana tries to make him change his mind, but Angel shows no mercy and shoots her.

Fumo's typical features are his beard, his sunglasses and his unrecognisable tattoo on the right arm. He is nicknamed Fumo probably because he often smokes. In fact, the name "Fumo" means "Smoke" in some languages. Like in Narco's case, Fumo being his real name is quite unlikely.


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