Gabriel Alvarez
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Aliases: Sergeant Alvares
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Police department
Allies: Police
Enemies: Assassinos
the Disciples
The Syndicate
Larissa Santos
Gianna Magro

Sergeant Gabriel Alvarez is a police officer appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


It is unknown where Alvarez comes from (his family name is Hispanic; although he is sometimes called "Sergeant Alvares"). He is a police officer, even though he earns most of his money through corruption and by blackmailing gang members throughout Rio de Janeiro. That's why he is hated by all the gangs in Rio, but no one dares to kill him since that would bring the cops after them.

Events of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Alvarez is first mentioned when Angel meets Victor Matos to talk about the car bomb. Victor mentions that the police could have been involved as Alvarez always hated Raul. It takes a long time until he actually appears. This happens after Angel and Narco (who is killed during the chase) have taken the boat with the angel dust and Angel delivers it to Alvarez.

After another period of time without an encounter, Angel and Alvarez meet again. It is shown that the two have history because Angel acts very disapprovingly towards the Sergeant. Alvarez's jobs mostly include causing chaos on town to attract the cops and then escape. Angel doesn't want to work for Alvarez, but the police officer knows that Larissa has left Sao Paulo because she owed money to some "bad guys" there who want to kill her now. Alvarez holds evidence revealing Larissa's location which he threatens to send to Larissa's haters if Angel doesn't obey him. So, Angel becomes a victim of Alvarez's blackmailings.

After Angel has done more jobs for Alvarez, Gianna Magro decides to help him and steals the evidence telling Larissa's location, giving it to Angel. Then, Alvarez contacts Angel because the police suspects him of working with the Assassinos. He wants Angel to cause chaos once again and to kill Alvarez's boss with Alvarez himself sitting in a helicopter pretending to chase Angel. He gives Angel some explosive for his boss's car to blow up. Angel thinks that Alvarez will want to kill him after his boss's death, and so he meets up with Magro who gives him a detonator.

Angel goes to the police station. He plants Magro's detonator in a random place on the building and Alvarez's explosive under his helicopter. Then he gets out and calls Alvarez to tell him that he's ready. Alvarez gets into his helicopter, but the detonator triggers the explosive and blows up Alvarez's helicopter, killing him.

With Alvarez dead, his blackmailings come to an end, and Angel can get rid of the evidence telling Larissa's location.


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