Name: Galloppino
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gangstar Vegas
Urban Crime
Gangstar New Orleans
Vehicle type: 2-door sports car
Capacity: 2

The Schnellzahn Galloppino is a mid-engined sports car featured in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans. It is produced by Schnellzahn, like the Läufer.


The Galloppino is a mid-engined sports car mainly based on the Lamborghini Gallardo and McLaren MP4-12C. The car is easily the fastest car in the game, but falls short of the W4C-H, which is unlocked after finding all 10 wheels scattered across Miami. (Only in Miami Vindication) Handling can be moderate to hard, with little to large traces of oversteer, depending on its speed. The Galloppino has a unique engine sound, in certain aspects similar to the real life counterpart. Mostly found at the city area of Miami. It comes in yellow and blue only. (More Colors in Gangstar Vegas)

In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, the Galloppino can only be found in yellow. It is slower than the model appearing in Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Spawn Points (Gangstar Vegas)

1.In the escape The Tunnel Challenges,The Galloppino Will Be One of the Many Vehicles To Block and Slow Down the player

2.Appears as One Of The Unique and rare Vehicles To be Stolen By the Player.

3.Mostly spawns In the Northern District (The District Abundant in casinos and Rich People)


  • Despite all this, it is still the fastest car in the game, It costs 100,000 R and the car can be found in only some areas.
  • In Urban Crime, the Gallopino can be found in blue or yellow. It retains its performance in Miami Vindication. It can only be unlocked at level 35. Buying it at the shop costs $500 in cash.
  • You can't buy in Gangstar Vegas after 2.0.0 unless it was opened from a crate.
  • The name Gallopino is an obvious nod to Lamborghini. Because of This it is safe to asume it is Italian of Origin.
  • In Italian Gallopino Means "Errand Boy".
  • In the latest update of Gangstar Vegas, it sells for 52,800 at the chop shop.
  • A mission in Gangstar Vegas requires Jason to steal one of this, lose the heat, then deliver the car.This Mission Is done For E-Man.But the car Was going to vera.This Gallopino Belongs To Frank Veliano.
  • Gallopino has new remastered model in Gangstar Vegas update 32
  • Gallopino is mentioned by Karen in "Busting Through" mission in Gangstar Vegas 
    Gallopino new

    gallopnino's new model

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