Gangstar: Crime City
Gangstar Crime City
Name: Gangstar: Crime City
Developer(s): Gameloft
Publisher(s): Gameloft
Release date: 2006
Platform(s): Mobile
Genre: Action/Adventure/Sandbox/Racing
Protagonist: Gangstar: Crime City Protagonist
Series: Gangstar
Followed by: Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.

Gangstar: Crime City known as Gangstar 1 was the first game in the Gangstar series to be released by Gameloft in 2006, as a top down sandbox-style game.


You’ve just arrived from your hometown to escape your past. Now you’ve decided to make a name for yourself in one of the gangs in your new stomping grounds. You never back away from danger or even let morals stand in your way. Plus you’ve got mad skills when it comes to handling weapons and driving with attitude in the wild inner-city. So you have everything you’ll need to become the biggest gang leader that the city has ever known! Of course, you’ll have to start at the bottom by first settling your debt with Kingpin, the neighborhood godfather who organized your arrival. The player arrives in Crime City, the fictitious setting of the game, and is pointed by a character (probably the aforementioned Kingpin) to the neighborhood of Marshall, an old 'brother' (friend) of his, who gives the player jobs to do; the first is to learn to drive in the game, the second to kill Marshall's "nephew", who has presumably turned against him, the third to steal a car from some rival gangsters, and the fourth to kill some ex-employees of his (who have also presumably turned against him). After that, recognizing the player's potential, he sends him to do some jobs for police officer Inspector Barnes, a "good friend of [his]", who he claims "[is] deep down good". Barnes, initially underestimating the player, assigns the him to escort an associate of his to the garage at the southern part of The Docks to buy a/some car(s). They are ambushed by police there, and escape them. Barnes then tasks the player with retrieving drugs from some drug dealers and killing them. Now recognizing his potential, he then gives him more missions, including killing patrolling corrupt police, killing another gangster along with his bodyguard using a sniper rifle, running over and killing members of an all-female gang led by "Shug", retrieving his stolen car from some other gangsters and killing the culprits and then escaping before their fellow members get alerted, then killing criminals who are assaulting his office and destroying their cars (introducing the player to and giving them a bazooka), and racing with him, winning which will earn the player more cash (Barnes informs the player of other "Secret Races" after the race; from this point on, more racing missions are available to the player, including another main race assigned by Shug later (after all of Barnes's missions are complete)). He gives another mission to kill three more gangsters in a drive-by shooting (these gangsters are probably from the same gang which had assaulted Barnes's office). The player then heads back to Shug, whom they were supposed to kill in a previous mission but helped rescue a member of her gang from Barnes's custody after she offered him a bribe, and is tasked with killing some police officers in the northern part of Downtown Crime City so Shug's gang may freely roam around, then with rescuing a kidnapped member of the gang before the member is executed, and then with killing the gangsters who have presumably caused harm to the member. The player then is tasked with protecting an associate of the gang named Darren, who is attempting to purchase a restaurant, from police sent by Barnes.



  • Uzi
  • AK-47
  • Shotgun
  • Bazooka



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