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Gangstar: New Orleans protagonist
Name: (player-determined)
Aliases: Boss
My Man
Appearance(s): Gangstar New Orleans
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Underboss in Alain's gang
Various New Orleans businesses (player-determined)
Allies: Alain Boudreaux
Diggs and Smith
Bradford Miles
Elsie Parker
Marie Nouveau
Enemies: Jackson Duke
Yuri the Red

The name of the protagonist of Gangstar New Orleans is determined by the player (along with his main physical appearance). He is an underboss in Alain Boudreaux's gang and the group's main muscle.


Next to nothing is known about Gangstar: New Orleans's protagonist other than that he lived most of his life outside of New Orleans. Based on his proficiency with firearms (a proficiency that is shared by all Gangstar protagonists), it can be assumed that the protagonist was either in the military or in another gang before the events of the game.

Events of Gangstar: New Orleans

Old Update

New Update

The Big Five (the five major street gangs in the city) gets taken down by the New Orleans Police Department. Alain Boudreaux informs the player about this and tells the protagonist to break into Gilroy's residence and steal a certain item. However, he was not the only one after it: as soon as he stole a Spirit Jar from there, another thief breaks in there. He kills the thief and outside he finds bodyguards. After killing them, he goes outside and Alain comes up in a float; they then escape. The protagonist then makes his way to the cemetery, where he kills some "people/dead of the damned" using a shotgun, defending Alain. He then rescues E-Man from the mansion and brings him to his gang's safe house. E-Man gives the protagonist some missions including stealing an armored truck containing drugs from the VAMOS, rescuing E-Man's assistant from a biker gang, and destroying Jackson Duke's new drug product.

The protagonist and Alain meet Marie Nouveau to get information on where the last witness of Judge Tarpon's illegal acts from the police force is; after killing the witness's attackers he takes the latter to the hospital, as she is badly wounded.

Marie gives the protagonist a mission to steal a limousine, then kidnap the gambler who is in debt with her but has not settled the debt and finally throw the limousine with the gambler in the front seat at the bayou.


Note: The other protagonists in the Gangstar series have the same abilities as the protagonist of Gangstar: New Orleans.

  • Peak human physical condition - The protagonist is in near-perfect condition, being capable of sprinting and swimming for extended periods of time without showing any signs of fatigue. He is also excellent at climbing over walls, fences, and barriers, making him a master escape artist.
  • Expert marksman - Possessing near inhuman aim, the protagonist is able to make incredibly difficult shots even in the heat of battle. He is especially proficient with submachine guns (SMGs) and handguns, being capable of firing them accurately from a moving vehicle.
  • Expert driver and pilot - The protagonist is capable of driving or piloting every vehicle he encounters. He is especially proficient at driving cars, being capable of leaning his entire body out of the vehicle while maintaining control of it (though, like the protagonist of Gangstar: Crime City, Pedro, Johnny Gainesville, Raul, and Jason Malone, he can fall and get injured if he does this).
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