Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
Name: Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
Developer(s): Gameloft
Publisher(s): Gameloft
Release date: 2009
Platform(s): iOS
Android OS
Genre: Action
Protagonist: Pedro
Series: Gangstar
Preceded by: Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.
Followed by: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is a Gangstar game released for the iOS in 2009. It is the third Gangstar series release, debuting as the first iOS full 3D sandbox game.

In 2013, a spin-off, Gangstar City was released for Android via Google Play.


The game is based in a miniature Los Angeles, and is actually a 3D remake of the prequel Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A., thus sharing the same storyline and same protagonist, Pedro. Having escaped a Mexican prison, the basis of the storyline is to do jobs to earn money, while gaining new friends. Due to the game being on a smartphone, the game has the advantage of using its features, including the gyroscope and touchscreen buttons.


These are the following weapons, which are actually the same as the previous renditions, save for the inclusion of the sniper rifle:

*represents the ability of duel wielding


  • This game was originally rated 12+ but Apple lifted the rating and changed it to 17+, Possibly due to tobacco references. This also applies to Gangstar Miami Vindication(iPhone version)
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