Gangstar City
Name: Gangstar City
Developer(s): Gameloft
Publisher(s): Gameloft
Release date: 2013
Platform(s): Android
Button-operated mobile phone
Genre: Action-adventure (isometric graphical perspective)
Protagonist: Garcia
Series: Gangstar
Preceded by: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Followed by: Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar City is an action-adventure video game published by Gameloft and developed by at least one of its subsidiaries; it is the sixth (ninth counting the two-dimensional (2D) versions of Gangstar: Miami Vindication and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and Urban Crime) installment in the Gangstar series, and was released for Android via Google Play Store and button-operated mobile phones in 2013.


The game is set in Los Angeles; the protagonist is Garcia, Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. and Gangstar: West Coast Hustle's protagonist Pedro's brother, who has recently escaped from Mexico.

Pedro introduces Garcia to Santa Monica upon the latter's arrival, and teaches him how to perform actions. He then tells him that he is now going to do some important work elsewhere, and advises him to meet Luis at the Crib.


There are 4 types of missions (referred to as "jobs" in-game) in Gangstar City: Stealth jobs, in which ; Fight jobs, in which ; Business jobs, in which ; and Managing the Crib, in which . Completing a certain number of missions increases the player's reputation level in the district said missions take place in (the districts are Santa Monica, South Central, and Hollywood); this is essential to gain control of the districts.

The player can hold house parties at the Crib (referred to as "My Crib" in-game), Luis's house, to recruit new members to the gang. A "free party" (which recruits average Thugs) is available daily, with Silver and Gold parties (which recruit more skilled members) costing 1 and 3 diamonds, respectively. There are 5 kinds of members who can be recruited: Thugs, the average type of members; Bouncers, who have a high amount of defense points but a low of amount attack points; Brutes, who have a high amount of attack points but a low amount of defense points; Smugglers, who have a high skill level; and VIPs, who have a amount of all skill points. They may be assigned to protect buildings from enemy gangs' assaults or assigned to the Crew (the group of members who participate in actions performed by the player around the city (including fights, and excluding deals, hack-ins, following (only on foot), playing video games, flirting, meeting, escorting, extinguishing fire, and thefts); up to 4 members can be assigned to the Crew). Protecting buildings requires all available slots in the Crew Building menu to be filled with members, and increases said buildings' cash income (rent) if at least one VIP is protecting (at least one of) said buildings. It is possible to add buildings and decorations to and expand the Crib (using the Shop). Performing actions costs Energy, which can be purchased with diamonds, which in turn may be purchased with real money. Performing actions rewards the player with cash and experience points required to level up (doing which rewards the player with access to weapons with higher star ratings), and certain ones also reward them with items. Boosts can be used to decrease the amount of time that restores Energy (the default amount is 12 seconds per digit), and to . Special items are Random suitcases and Random bags, both of which contain weapons and pieces of armor. Each day the player will receive a free bag that contains a new weapon for Garcia. Skipping missions costs diamonds.

Management is important in the game. During fights, 3 types of consumable items can be used: Health packs, Grenades, and Flashbangs. 

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