"Special Agent Gianna Magro, Drug Interdiction Counternarcotics Squad."
―Gianna Magro introducing herself
Gianna Magro
Name: Gianna Magro
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Business: Drug Interdiction Counternarcotics Squad (DICS)
Allies: DICS (formerly)
Enemies: the Disciples
The Syndicate
DICS (later on)

Gianna Magro is a character appearing in the storyline of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. She gives storyline missions as well as side-missions.


Gianna Magro is a federal agent working for the DICS. According to herself, she has always had some difficulties in advancing her career because she's the only woman working for the DICS. Later in the game, she also says that she is homosexual.

Events of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Angel meets Gianna Magro in misson during which he was to remove Orlan's corpse from the morgue. He is surrounded by Disciples, but suddenly Magro appears, pointing a gun at the gang members, giving Angel the opportunity to escape. He and Magro leave the place.

Magro has contacted Angel mainly because she needed some advance in her career, as she never gets any cases as a woman. The first thing she wants him to do is to go to The Syndicate's headquarters in Gamboa, to steal a car filled with drugs from there and to attract the police to the headquarters. This case is then assigned to Magro.

Angel doesn't like working for Magro since he thinks it's betrayal towards his gang if he works with a DICS member. But Magro always drags him into the missions. After a while Angel puts evidence concerning the Syndicate car into the letterbox of the DICS's headquarters, which results in Magro being fired shortly after that.

After some time has passed, Angel and Magro meet again. She does not appear to be angry with him for destroying her career. Instead, she gives him missions which damage the DICS. She also helps Angel deal with Gabriel Alvarez by giving him the detonator for Alvarez's helicopter.

The DICS are after their former agent now, so that Magro decides to leave town. She has Angel steal a waterplane from the DICS, which she will use to escape. She says that her intention is to go to Mexico and start a drug cartel. Then she tells Angel to take good care of Larissa and they part ways.


  • If Gianna Magro will manage to start her drug cartel in Mexico, her situation will become similar to Veronica Davo's as both of them would be women leading drug cartels.


IMG 0175

Gianna Magro and Angel

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