HXR-1000 (GNO)
Name: HXR-770
HXR-1000 (GNO)
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: Superbike
Capacity: 1 people

The HXR-770 Also Known As HXR-1000 (In GNO). Is An Superbike Appeared In Gangstar Vegas & Gangstar New Orleans.


The HXR-770 Is An Racing Superbike. As Name Suggests, Based On A Suzuki GSX-R750. With Influences From Ducati 1199 Superleggera And Honda CB 110 RR.



  • The Superbike Spawns In a Street Including Downtown, Village & Rural Areas.
  • Cant Purchased In A Shop.


  • The HXR-770 Is The Successor To Yamakasi From Previous Gangstar Games. Coincidentally, Both Are Based on A Ducati Models.
  • The HXR-770, HXR-770 Deluxe & Yamakasi Are The Superbikes In Gangstar Series.
  • It Its The Fastest Bike In Gangstar Vegas (Including Its Lvl. 3 & Deluxe Variant).
  • The HXR-770, Galloppino, Thornback, Box ES & Dash Cup Series Are The Vehicles Received An New Model In Latest Version Of Gangstar Vegas.
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