Hearse Heist
Name: Hearse Heist
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Mission Giver: Roscoe
Location: Roscoe's junkyard at the swamp
Target(s): Stealing a Hearse to attract the attention of Victor Vega
Reward(s): $600
Conditions of mission failure: Death
Destroying the Hearse
Unlocks: Big Boats and Badasses for Betty
Unlocked by: Swamp Boogie

Hearse Heist is a mission in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, given by Roscoe to Johnny Gainesville.


Roscoe says that if Johnny wants to find out who has his brother, he has to attract the attention of the thugs in the city. He tells Johnny that there is a funeral for a deceased cartel boss working for Victor Vega. Johnny has to steal the Hearse with the body so that Vega will get angry. After he has stolen the Hearse, Johnny brings it to Betty.


(Roscoe is sitting in his rocking chair again. Johnny is standing next to him and Betty is walking past them.)

Roscoe: I've had great ass, and I've had ass that can kick ass. That salty little cashew nut is the only one that had it all.

Johnny Gainesville: So Betty's your girl, huh?

Roscoe: Yeah. At my age, probably the last.

Johnny: So any idea who could have my brother?

Roscoe: Well, son, Miami's got more thugs than sunshine. I suggest you piss 'em all off and see what comes out of the woodwork.

Johnny: Just tell me where to piss.

(The camera switches to a convoy of three cars. The first car is a hearse, followed by a white W4C and a blue Sorraia.)

Roscoe: There's a funeral today for a big cartel boss named Ignacio. You steal the hearse with the body and the top man will come looking for it himself.

(Camera switches back to Johnny and Roscoe.)

Roscoe: And if the gang burying its trash today don't have your brother, you can be pretty sure their enemies do.

(After Johnny has hijacked the hearse and escaped the two other cars, he calls Betty on the phone.)

Johnny: Tell Roscoe I've got the hearse and the body.

Betty (on the phone): He wants me to make sure you got the right casket. (Short break.) There's a little hideaway... corner of 74th and Miami Court. Meet me there.

Johnny: It's a date. What kind of wine do you like?

Betty: I can drink anything. Ask the dead guy what he likes.

(Johnny drives to the hideaway where Betty is waiting for him.)

Johnny: Any idea why he keeps those gators around?

Betty: He throws people he doesn't like in the swamp.

Johnny: I see...

Betty: Don't worry; you haven't screwed up yet.


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