Name: Hogzilla
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Vehicle type: Off-road ATV
Capacity: 1 people

The Hogzilla is a ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) a.k.a The Quad Appeared In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints


The Hogzilla Is an ATV (known as Quad) Which Used For Off-road Races & Hiking For Mountain Hikers. It Based on a Real-life Vehicle Themselves.


  • The vehicle seen spawns in a Downtown, Rural Areas & Beach Areas.
  • Can't purchased in a Copi Cars Shop For 5,600 Cash.


  • In Gangstar Vegas, It Seems To Succeed By MT4-W, Another ATV.
  • It Shares The Same engine sound as Roach.
  • The Hogzilla & MT4-W Are The ATVs in Gangstar Series.
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