Gangstar Vegas Story Mission 23 - A GOOD OL' NABBIN'-0

Gangstar Vegas Story Mission 23 - A GOOD OL' NABBIN'-0

"Oh Shit" - Huevos
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Huevos Gang Leader

This article will be on the Gangster Vegas character Huevos. Everything about him or anything related to him will be covered in this article. The video and picture will show you who Huevos is as well.


Huevos will appear in the story mode mission "A Good Ol Nabbin". In this mission you will have to find and track Huevos and his gang down. Once you find him and his crew you have to get to Huevos specificly, and beat him up, keep him alive, and throw him in the back of a van and deliver him to Frank. In the first part of the mission Huevos's gang will protect him. Huevos will order them to kill you (He knows that your with frank). Then you must kill all gang members to get to Huevos. Once you accomplish that task Huevos will be frightend and he will take one of the trucks that they pulled up in and flee. This is the part of the mission were you must chase him down and beat him up. Once you deal enough damage to him, you will each spawn in a van. This is when you must drive to frank or return to Frank. Once you return to frank you beat the mission and it is over. It ends.    


Huevos is a gang leader. Huevos drives a blue D3-40. And from what we've seen so far the only weapons he can use is his fists (Its not a weapon, but we know that he can fight with his fist). You can see Huevos in the picture. Huevos is a spanish street gang. Last but not least, he flees and gets scared easily, from what we have seen so far. 

Name: Huevos

Whereabouts: Unknown

Deceased/Alive: Unkown

Value: Gang Leader/Gang Member

Role/Occupation: Gang Leader

Appears in: Story Mode mission "Good Ol Nabbin".

Weapons: No Weapons

(Can Fight With FIsts occasionally).

Gang: The Huevos.

Rivals: Frank and his Mafia, Jason and his gang. From what we have seen so far.

Enemy's: The Biker Gang, The High class gang (Wich is the Mafia. Along with Frank).

Allies: The Huevos.

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